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Widow Jane Decadence


A blend of straight Bourbon Whiskeys, finished in maple syrup barrels from Crown Maple.

Nose: Candied hazelnuts greet the nose first. The dram is warm, and I can already tell it is decadent. Although the maple is there, it's not overpowering. There's a touch of sarsaparilla and cinnamon. It is reminiscent of baklava and even a good apple turnover.

Palate: Maple and cinnamon mix with oatmeal. Added in are brown sugar and French vanilla. It's warm with spice but not so much the ABV. The whiskey is decadent and reminds me of Christmas breakfast. Balanced with sweetness and baking spice, this makes a great nightcap.

45.5% ABV, 91 proof. Blended straight bourbon whiskey aged 10 years and finished in Crown Maple syrup barrels.

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